Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi, could you put some cash residue on it too? Thanks. Don't be shy, slather that shit on there.

"Here is your food sir, along with the dirty oils from 1000 hands dating back to 1980."

That is what people who prepare your food, and work the cash register should be saying. I appreciate the thought of you trying to keep your hand germs from getting on my food. Really, I do. Those plastic gloves are a miracle of modern science. If only they cleaned themselves after handling the money of every customer... Who knows? Maybe the employees are just protecting their own hands from the food they are playing with. If this is the case, I appologize.

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Mike said...

Come on, Dave. You know that money is far cleaner than a human's mouth. Oh...wait, no - I'm sorry, that's a dog's mouth. Haha. Time to start making those bag lunches, my man.

PS the word verification made me type in: kmibhyo. For some reason, it reminded of that game Samurai Showdown...

maybe not, but that was still a badass game.